Little Girl Wanders Around In Flood During Hurricane Harvey

ViralHogPublished: August 29, 2017444 plays$0.88 earned
Published: August 29, 2017

Amidst the chaos that is Hurricane Harvey, one neighborhood in Pearland, Texas, witnessed a sight that was unique in its own way.

"I saw two people in their kayaks and one of them waving at the girl and I thought why is the girl all by herself out in the hurricane? So I looked for potential parents that were looking out for the girl. I didn't see any parents, but I saw a partially opened garage and I thought that's how she escaped. So I came out of my garage, out in the driveway trying to communicate to her. The house next to where she was on the right were neighbors and I had asked them where she was going, and they had no clue.

“As she kept moving forward, the neighbors kept watching and myself included for a couple seconds until I realized I needed to go do something about it. So I walked through the 3 feet deep flood in my street and went near her. I had asked her 'What are you doing here?', 'Where are you going?', and 'Where are your parents?' and she indeed answered those questions while moving forward. As soon as we neared the deepest of the flood, I had asked her where her parents were at and asked if I could say hello to them.

“She walked towards the house and as soon as we neared the front part of the house, the father comes out the door and asked 'What were you doing?' and I had responded that she had been wandering around alone. The father had responded saying the little girl was at an age where she can turn the door handles. Finally, he takes the little girl home. I do not know both of their names."

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