Deaf Great Dane Hears His Sister Barking

Published August 29, 2017 2,513 Plays $5.95 earned

Rumble Max the Great Dane is completely deaf, but somehow seems to know when his sister Katie is barking. Watch and enjoy as Max echos Katie's barking and talks back a bit to his Mom about getting out of bed, before being convinced to get up and go outside. Funny Max!


  • SalMills, 1 year ago

    What gorgeous, beautiful, regal, delightful, precocious, handsome/beautiful, intelligent, and well mannered furry kids! They are the epitome of the most well behaved and loved dogs whom I have seen in a long time. I love seeing these videos, especially the narration, and hope their mother and father keep them coming for a long time coming. Thank you, S

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