Man in custody after Oakley shooting, SWAT standoff

WCPOPublished: August 29, 2017
Published: August 29, 2017

A man was taken into custody shortly past midnight Tuesday after a standoff involving SWAT officers and a half-dozen police cruisers at an apartment complex in Oakley, police said. The suspect's father contacted police around 11 p.m. According to Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate, the suspect -- whose identity has not been released -- had begun to make statements that frightened his father earlier in the evening. The father called police to the scene, at which point the suspect fired "several shots," some of them in the direction of officers. His sister was still in the building at that time. The suspect was, however, willing to negotiate with police. "Officers have had previous contact with this individual, which aided in the successful conclusion -- knowing that he had some issues in the past, so they knew what they were getting into," Neudigate said. "We were just very fortunate that they used good tactics and didn't put themselves in harm's way." Thanks to these negotiations, the suspect's sister was able to leave the building safely around midnight, and police announced the suspect's arrest on Twitter around 30 minutes later. Neudigate said the suspect had been taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for a psychological exam. He could eventually face charges of inducing panic as well as felonious assault if investigators determined he had deliberately fired at police. "Any time there are shots fired, one errant round could injure an officer or injure other citizens. We're very lucky this individual was willing to come out. We have some very skilled negotiators that do an absolutely outstanding job, and this is what we pay them to do," Neudigate said.

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