Little Girl Gets Real Unicorn Birthday Surprise

TheChicksLife Published August 28, 2017 39,153 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesOne might think it is easy throwing a birthday surprise for little kid these days, but kids know too much for their own good and sometimes they can get hella creative with their requests. But parents won’t be what they are if they don’t turn rocks and trees over to make their little one’s big day special.

When family vloggers James and Ashley asked their soon-to-be 5-year-old daughter what theme would she like to celebrate her birthday in, she requested for the most elusive mythical creature of them all. Baby Chick wanted a unicorn birthday and her parents were ready to go the great beyond to find the mythical beast and bring him over as a guest of honor.

Lucky for them, they have a relative that own a ranch with horses and one of them volunteered to become a unicorn for the day. Mom Ashley even got up and made a fairy dress for the birthday girl to feel extra special on her big day. As for Harley, they used a styrofoam tree that they carved with some spirals and painted it in gold.

The moment Baby Chick laid eye on the mythical creature that came down from fairy land bringing gifts and glitter, she could barely keep it together! Adorned in her colorful tulle fairy dress, Baby Chick got to hang out with her favorite animal and have a few photos snapped for good memories.

That is just adorable.