Couple in canoe have unforgettable conversation with curious loon

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsLoons are a very beautiful sight for cottagers throughout North America. They are a gorgeous bird with a graceful presence while on water or under it. Extremely capable swimmers, they can catch fish using their webbed feet for propulsion. They are also extremely strong fliers, able to migrate up to 600 miles in a single day. Because they are designed for swimming, their feet are located so far to the rear that they are barely able to walk on land. This, together with their high body mass, makes it impossible for them to take off from land. They must run across the surface of the water into the wind to get liftoff. It is this clumsiness on land that got them their name.

Their bright white plumage on their underbelly and neck make these birds unmistakable, but the most striking and recognizable characteristic of the loon is their haunting call which echoes for miles across lakes and brings chills to those who hear them.

These two canoeists, out for a quiet paddle and a few photographs, were fortunate enough to meet up with a young loon who showed very little fear. He called out with his signature howl and watched them as they drifted towards him. When they did their best to imitate his call, he actually swam much closer to investigate. He watched them curiously, preened his feathers, stuck his face under water to look for fish and answered them back each time they called. It seemed that he was as curious about them as they were about him.

Kristy, at the front of the canoe, was able to snap the pictures of a lifetime as he posed and conversed with them.

The loon dove repeatedly but always surfaced nearby, venturing back each time to get close to the canoe.

Being so close to a curious wild loon is an unforgettable experience.


  • ray1876, 1 year ago

    I once came across an audio cassette tape with just loon sounds. Really cool.

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