Man Climbed Down A Shaft To Rescue Fallen Cat, But The Cat Doesn't Need Help

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Rumble There aren’t enough words in the vocabulary to describe a cat. On one hand, they are adorable balls of fluff, able to express incredible amounts of love from such tiny creatures. But on the other hand, they can be manipulative, tyrannical, barbaric, spawns of the Lord of Darkness, who are set on making your life miserable and then laugh while you pick up the pieces...we got a little carried away, but you will see what we mean in this video.

In this video a construction workers found a cat that has fallen down some kind of shaft and apparently can’t get out. The cat has crawled up into a ball in a corner and won’t move. So the men did the most rational thing they could think of - they grabbed a ladder, placed it inside the shaft and one of them started climbing down the hole.

Now, according to the title, you might think that the cat climbs the ladder before the man could reach the bottom, but no. The guy actually sets one foot on the ground when the cat decides that she didn’t need any help whatsoever. The feline jumps up the wall and makes a very badass, but an ass none the less, move around the walls of the shaft, grabbing the sand and bricks with her claws, then out the shaft and into the sunset. What the heck?!

The men came to the conclusion that this was no kitten in distress because you can hear them laughing out loud, while the cat disappears. We guess this cat doesn't need a hero after all!

Well, of course, she didn’t need help, after all, a youthful, healthy, normal measured feline can bounce around six times their length or more than eight feet in a solitary bound on account of capable muscles in their back legs!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where a cat is stuck in a hole, speak softly to a kitten in a hole and offer it some canned cat food or a piece of chicken or tuna. Place a small amount of canned cat food on your finger and let the kitten lick it off if you can reach it. Once the kitten takes the food and you gain its trust, reach in and gently pull the kitten out of the hole. Do these tips help?

Felines are awesome animals and if the reality of the situation is known, no one really possesses a feline since it's considerably more genuine to state that our catlike companions actually own us. They are lovable and extraordinary creatures and getting to know a cat's individual personality is a fun experience.

Cats are strong, with flexible bodies, quick reflexes, razor-sharp retractable claws, and teeth adapted to killing small prey. As nocturnal hunters, cats use their acute hearing and ability to see in almost darkness to locate prey. Cats hear sounds too faint for human ears, they can also hear sounds higher in frequency than humans can perceive! What do you think about this flexible cat with quick reflexes?