High Park Town Hall Sept 28 2023

9 months ago

The future of High Park is in peril as city council has begun removing much needed parking. High Park closed to vehicles during COVID and since then has continued to be closed on weekends and statutory holidays. Now the City Council has voted to continue the current closure and work towards 365 days a year closure by 2027.

These changes were done without consent, nor proper consultation of the public, and it appears that these changes are being implemented without following due process.

The lack of parking has been devastating to the businesses in and around the park. The Grenadier Cafe, the Black Oak and the Aztek restaurant across the street are all suffering. The Zoo may face closing, the Rotary club is in trouble, and there are many other organizations that reside in the park and their needs are being completely neglected.

Watch the replay to learn about your rights and action to hold city hall accountable for violating those rights.

Link to the notice of liability and the presentation deck HERE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qkqx9zo-u3fz51obGFuti7eEUboojFa7?usp=share_link

Learn more and sign the petition to ensure Access for All HERE: https://www.change.org/p/high-park-access-for-all.

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