A Hawk is seeking refuge in my taxi from Hurricane Harvey

ViralHog Published August 27, 2017 1,390 Plays $2.18 earned

Rumble Hurricane Harvey is approaching and a Coppers hawk seeks refuge in my car and does not want to leave.

His wing is fine y'all. I checked him over. Nothing broken. I think he just doesn't under the difference in the sudden change in air pressure and coupled with a cat that tried to attack him, he feels safe doing taxi fares with me till the Hurricane passes.

How bout we call him

UPDATE #1 on HARVEY the Hurricane Hawk!

Trying desperately to get him to fly off. He simply refuses to leave. The winds are picking up from Hurricane Harvey.

UPDATE #3 Harvey the Hurricane Hawk has made his decision! https://youtu.be/uW12caGP6JY

UPDATE #4 Harvey the Hurricane Hawk
He wants to ride on the dash. He's just decided to give himself a job- CabbieHawk Co-Pilot LOL!

UPDATE #5 HARVEY The Hurricane Hawk!
It's just before 7am and Hurricane Harvey is pouring down rain in Houston, Texas.
Harvey The Hurricane Hawk is hunkered down with us. Our resident guru Benny Booboo is hunkering down with us as well and we're OBVIOUSLY making a hurricane party out of it!

So we decided to nominate Harvey the Hurricane Hawk as our Hurricane Harvey Mascot for the duration of the storm.

He has made himself at home on his own next to my liqour and wine bar for the duration of Hurricane, leading me to believe he is a very intelligent Hawk.