Kevin Durant Says He's Friends With Russell Westbrook, But There's Still A Problem

TheFumblePublished: August 25, 201710 views
Published: August 25, 2017

Are Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook still friends? It appears yes, at least according to KD.

The Golden State Warriors star forward says they still talk to each other, they just don’t happen to do it all that often. Of course, we all have friends that we leave and don’t talk to for long periods of time, right?

“I don’t think we ever stopped being friends,” Durant said in a recent edition of the Bill Simmons Podcast. “We just stopped talking — but I don’t think we stopped being friends.” The NBA star also added that there is no talking between the two, but there are also no problems either; he thinks that they never stopped being friends, even after Durant left Westbrook “in free agency with nothing but a text message”.

There are two sides to every coin, but everytime Westbrook was asked for his side of the story, he refrained from comments. Durant seems quite calm about the whole situation.

Durant even congratulated Westbrook when he was named MVP for 2017. Will they ever mend fences?

One thing remains a certainty, and that is that Oakies still have a special place in Durant’s heart. "Those fans, no matter what they call me or how they feel about me, they know, that if you see me anywhere, that you'll feel like I was your friend. That's how you made me feel, and how I made them feel. Those memories are never going to fade.“

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