Frustrated Baby Can't Put His Sock On

Published August 25, 2017 6,739 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you remember the first time you got to do something completely on your own? When we are babies, we rely heavily on our parents; they dress us, feed us and change our nappies to the point of doing it in their sleep. It is nasty business, but they did it out of love and it was always so cute!

The time has come for this big fella to take over some of those activities. See, he is all grown up and wants everyone to know that he can be an independent young man. So he starts small, like with his socks.

The tiny man sits on the floor in the living room and his mommy and sissy are right there to witness the big moment. He is off to a good start - knows that the thing he is holding is, in fact, a sock and knows that he should put it on his foot. There is just one teensy, little problem.

He knows where it goes, he just doesn't know how it gets on there! But this young gentleman is no quitter, no sirree! He knows that the socks will eventually give in to the pressure and slip on; all he has to do is yank as hard and as dexterous as he can. Come on, sock, cooperate!

That is just pure adorableness right there!