Boston Terrier Does Amazing Summersault While Playing With A Balloon

Published August 25, 2017 4,771 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe Boston terrier is as American as the apple pie. It is lively, highly-intelligent and people-loving dog. The Boston terrier provides entertainment and delightful comradeship that makes it wildly popular. It is indeed a fun dog to have around. This terrier is characterized with boundless fits of energy. Its expressive face and tuxedo like black and white fur, is no less stunning. Hence the nickname ‘American Gentleman’. It does not bark unless necessary, only when excited or busy playing.

It is amazing to see this ‘smartly dressed’ terrier called Nalla obsessively playing with a big red balloon. With a starting toss on behalf of her owner, the game may officially begin. With her short and wrinkles-free muzzle, Nalla bounces the balloon up and down with just a slight help of her owner. The balloon pass has never been such a challenge as in the hands of this happy-go-lucky dog.

The goal is to throw the balloon as high as possible in the air. And how she eagerly waits for it to touch her head, so she can continue with her exciting flips and heart-racing somersaults. Nalla is playing with such an ease, one would think that she is floating in the air. Her levitating and bouncy body moves vigorously in the rhythm of the game and not in one moment does she want to disappoint her owner. As long as she can keep the balloon in the air, her spirit will be happy and free.

Oh, no, the balloon touches the ground, but no worries, the urge to please is mutual, the owner jumps in to rescue the game and keep the fun alive. After few rounds of chasing the balloon, it eventually bursts as expected. Voila! Until the next time!