Clip Of Man Scooping Mosquitoes Like Sand Will Keep You Up At Night

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Published: August 25, 2017

Fall means mosquitoes will soon be gone (maybe?), because who can endure their incessant buzzing around your head at all hours of the night and the itchy blisters that appear in the morning? One is annoying, a few are a menace, but can you imagine having so many mosquitoes, that you can scoop and shovel them like sand?

It is the stuff of nightmares and will make you cringe, but it was hard core reality for the people in the town of Taganrog, Russia in August this year. Two locals decided to have some “harmless” fun with the bugs, as one can be seen , free of fear from stings, bending over the thick blanket of live mosquitoes and scooping massive hand fulls! And all of the bugs can be heard, still buzzing.

At first, one might think the guys are on a beach somewhere and they want to play around like kids do, while the guy builds a huge mound of what looks like sand. But when his friend’s camera closes in on the mound, thousands of tiny bug bodies, complete with moving legs and wings starts moving around and oh my goodness!

These bloodthirsty buggers have been terrorizing the good people of Taganrog for over three years. They appear in massive swarms after periods of heavy rain and can be seen clinging to clothes, as they dry on laundry lines.

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