75 Things to Google!

itsgrantcasualPublished: August 25, 2017Updated: August 29, 2017
Published: August 25, 2017Updated: August 29, 2017

My weird little brain thought up 75 questions that I have almost on a regular basis that to be honest don't feel like googling. Some may sound stupid, some way be over the top, or sketchy, but I apologize, you haven't heard the remaining 30 that I cut out of the manuscript!

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Here's the list of the questions. Fire away with questions you have, answers to the questions, or question my sanity all the way, because I lost that when I hit 18.
(edit: the first 50: all the ones YouTube allows now due to long descriptions)

Keep It Casual!

1.) What time are the least amount of people awake?
2.) Did the Rolling Stones inspire the magazine the Rolling Stone or did the Rolling Stone inspire the name of the Rolling Stones?
3.) Can you die from music torture (when you’re in solitary)
4.) How come the united states takes the “U” out of everything?
5.) If a man with no legs dies, where do they attach the tag to?
6.) How do people who inbreed address family members?
7.) When we go to other planets, will we be the aliens? Or will we be immigrants?
8.) When the world ends, will Cockroaches survive and create a cockroach planet?
9.) When death comes, which religion will go to heaven?
10.) When millennials’ kids become the age of millennials’ now, will they be able to ‘react’ to the post that their parents posted when they announced that they will be having a child on facebook?
11.) Will future generation hipsters have uggs, selfie sticks, and meme accounts?
12.) Does the government know more about us than us?
13.) How much money is spent on mental illnesses as compared to the funeral costs who can’t test if they have one?
14.) What if Samuel L. Jackson started narrating your life, but only other people could hear him?
15.) Why can I be talking and forget what the most simple of things are called?
16.) If concentration camps started up in America, would Germans deny it 70 years from now?
17.) What if “WOW” is just a combination of “why” and “how”?
18.) If Michael Jackson was born black and died white, does that make him white,black, or both? And what would say on applications?
19.) If it’s easier to film in the colors that appear, wouldn’t it make it harder to film in black and white rather than eventually go to color?
20.) Why do baby boomers hate millennials and why do millennials hate baby boomers?
21.) Converses were the first shoes used for basketball, now they aren’t even recommended for walking. Why?
22.) How do cameramen and actors not laugh during filming?
23.) How come english is the hardest language to learn? I mean, have you tried speaking spanish in the past tense?
24.) If the world stopped rotating, how much longer would the flash take to run across the world?
25.) How many pixels are in my field of vision?
26.)How many famous people do I know the younger version of?
27.) What year is it really? I mean, people in 200 B.C. didn’t call it 200 B.C.
28.) If the purge were real, what would people actually do?
29.) Is it really inappropriate to play rock music at a rock lover’s funeral? If so, does it have to be soft rock?
30.) Why did male tv stars all have the same voice from the 40s to the 60s? And the same for women in the 70s and 80s?
31.) At what age is considered old? And how much longer until you don’t have to care how old you are?
32.) What good is it, saying “good morning” on the news if everything following it will make it seem like a bad morning?
33.) How long would it take us to readapt to life if every electronic device malfunctioned?
34.) What will we name the next 4 generations as?
35.) If blues and jazz music never happened, would we have rock and pop today?
36.) What would happen if we legalize humans marrying animals as some have mocked same sex people marrying?
37.) What if time is only an alternate reality to the ones who have time traveled?
38.) What if the reason men bald is because they wear hats all the time?
39.) If the good dogs went to heaven, and the bad dogs go to hell, then do animal killers go to hell also?
40.) If you bought drugs when they were legal, would you still go to jail?
41.) Why aren’t Immigrant Americans named like the way the Native Americans are?
42.) When will 50 be the new 25?
43.) Why can’t Sammy Hagar drive at 55?
44.) What if superheroes really do exist, but they’ve ignored every distress call?
45.) If the earth rotated just 10 mph faster, what would happen?
46.) How many people have I actually seen throughout my life, and how many have I already seen more than once?
47.) Will relationships that started on social media and dating sites one day be considered “old fashioned”?
48.) Will there ever be another president or figure on our currency?
49.) If libraries are free, why does internet cost? I mean, it’s a building or an app.
50.) The retirement age is getting higher and higher, but senior citizen discounts keep getting lower and lower, why?

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