January 6 A Nation Divided

2 months ago

Sister Merrie Turner of Presidential Inaugural Prayer, Inc., January 6 Attorney John Pierce and Major Mike Webb (RET) join White House Correspondent Dr. Harper who reported at the January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol event to talk about their concerns for America regarding the need for national repentance, our national elections and the role of President Trump in helping America.
For more information about Presidential Inaugural Prayer, Inc., click on the following web site: http://www.presidentialinauguralprayer.org/

For more information about Attorney John Pierce and the National Constitutional Law Union, visit the following web site: https://nclu.org

Dr. Harper serves as the principal investigative journalist at the White House reporting on AntiSemitism and other Human Rights violations for the InterMountain Christian News and Israel news service Newsrael. Here is Dr. Harper’s reporting on Anti-Semitism below. To learn about the Jewish cemetery desecration in Vilnius, Lithuania he reports on, click on the following YouTube link:
To learn more about UNRWA and Religious Freedom issues Dr. Harper reports on, click on the following YouTube link:

For more information about Dr Harper news reporting, click on following link:

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