Strategic Competition & Digital Currencies

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Panel Discussion: Digital Currencies & Strategic Competition

Join the Bitcoin Policy Institute and the Cornell Brooks Tech Policy Institute for a panel discussion on the emerging landscape of digital currencies and their impact on global strategic competition. This in-person event will be held at the National Press Club, where national security experts will explore the following themes:

Sanctions and Aid: Are digital currencies playing a greater role in sanctions evasion and financial aid? What lessons can we learn from the Russia-Ukraine war?

US-China Competition: How will the proliferation of digital currencies impact US-China techno-industrial competition? Do Central Bank Digital Currencies pose a security challenge to the US?

Digital Authoritarianism and Activism: How are authoritarian regimes using digital technologies to control their domestic populations? How are dissidents in authoritarian regimes using digital technologies to fight back?


- Sarah Kreps (Professor and Director of the Tech Policy Institute, Cornell University; Senior Fellow, Bitcoin Policy Institute)

- Matthew Pines (Director of Intelligence, Krebs Stamos Group; National Security Fellow, Bitcoin Policy Institute)

- Chris Meserole (Director, Brookings Institution Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies Initiative)

Moderator: Daniel Flatley (National Security Reporter, Bloomberg News)


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