Great American Eclipse captured in breathtaking footage

patrickmwinePublished: August 23, 2017Updated: August 24, 20171,476 views
Published: August 23, 2017Updated: August 24, 2017

Get ready to witness the most spectacular astronomical phenomenon to occur within our solar system. After chasing a small section of blue sky, escaping the thunderstorm that these people found themselves in, they finally found a clear spot near Lexington, Missouri where they watched the eclipse enter and exit totality. This experience simply cannot be explained with photographs, videos, or words. The moment the flash occurred, and the black hole of a moon appeared, they became overrun with the feeling of humility. The scale and beauty of this event will definitely change the way one looks at the world and the cosmos. In addition, this person was able to witness the eclipse with his mother and father. His father had waited nearly 50 years to witness this spectacle and watching it together, in addition to the power and beauty of the eclipse, made them both grow emotional.

Near the bottom of the image, where the light is most prominent, you can see the varying topography of the lunar surface!

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