Advance Innovation Group Video on Process Capability (CP-CPK)

advanceinnovationgroupPublished: August 23, 2017
Published: August 23, 2017

This video from Advance Innovation Group is intended to help the audience get a deeper insight to the Process Capability Indices of Cp CPk. The agenda of this video is to help you understand process capability measurement, Process Capability Ratio, Understanding Specification Limits and Control Limits, Understanding Z-Score, Understanding DPMO and Cp, Cpk. Process Capability is the degree to which a system or service meets customer expectations or the ability of a process to produce defect free products. While you intend to study Process Capability it is recommended that you understand the Normal Distribution curve well. If I add one standard deviation and subtract one standard deviation from the Mean, the area under the curve shall be 68.26%. If I add two standard deviation and subtract two standard deviation it would roughly cover 95.44%. While plus minus three standard deviation will constitute 99.74% of the data. If you were to superimpose Customer Specifications limit, the Upper Specification Limit and the Lower Specification Limit, any time data that goes beyond the specification limits shall be considered as a defect. Specification limits are mostly decided by the customer who may give you one sided or two sided specification limits.

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