Culture War | “Expose them” | The New World Order | Guest: Maria Zeee | Zeee Media | Largest Independent Media Outlet in Australia | What Are You Willing to Lose?

2 months ago

Maria Zeee with Zeee Media joins the Moms on a Mission Podcast to share how she began her path of exposing government corruption and how it all stems from the attempt to implement the New World Order. She explains that most people will acknowledge that mysticism and the occult existed in history but how actually these practices are still at the root of so many global organizations today. She calls this an ancient religion…the religion of Babylon. She shares that the root of the New World Order is actually satanic and that once you understand your enemy, you can tackle that enemy. Maria shares how she has been shadow banned and flat out banned on multiple social media platforms along with being de-banked from her bank with no explanation. The timing of this, she shares, was alarming because one week later, the Australian version of 60 Minutes reported that Maria Zeee was a domestic terrorist, radicalizing the Australian people. She asks the question, “What will people do?” when there are no other banks and central bank digital currency is in place and you don’t have a bank when you don’t comply. What are you willing to lose? She discusses how we need to count the cost before we engage in this battle because the globalists will never end and will keep going. Compliance buys time and you will eventually be affected, she purports. She says that if we ALL say, “No” to all the tyrannical orders, she promises the agenda is over!

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