This Performance By Toddler Singing 'My Way' By Frank Sinatra Will Give You The Chills

Published August 22, 2017 302,626 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhile many talented kids have been brought into the limelight recently, it’s still amazing to see a person so young not only have an amazing singing voice but also be able to put their own spin on a song with such confidence and ability!You think you've seen it all? Watch this 4-year-old girl pouring her heart out in this timeless Sinatra classic! She is simply amazing! Who knew a 4-year-old could show so much emotion while singing? And then I get sad. Because I remember I can’t sing. But at least I can watch this video over and over! Now let’s dedicate our whole attention to this beautiful girl!

Singing Frank Sinatra can be quite challenging! Sophie Fatu is a cute little singer who simply loves and cherishes Frank Sinatra. We know where she got her talent, her mother is Victoria Fatu. Pianist Victoria Fatu has been recognized internationally for performances of deep musical expression, charismatic temperament, and sparkling technique. She has scored victories in numerous international competitions and has received multiple grants from major foundations.

We can definitely see Sophie conquering the stages together with her mother, they both can be an incredible duo! Sophie has the voice of a great talent, so Beyonce watch out you have some serious competition! it’s only fitting that she put her own personal spin on this classic song, don’t you think?