Does and fawns come to investigate man crunching an apple

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Published: August 22, 2017Updated: August 23, 2017

There is a forest in northern Ontario where deer are protected from hunting and they have lost their fear of people. Sitting quietly in the woods, a patient person is likely to get a close look at a few. But sitting very still with a crunchy apple will evoke enough curiosity that the deer come to smell and investigate. This man sat very still on a log until the deer were close enough to see what he had. He then carefully tossed a few pieces to them and they became even more curious. What was the most unusual about this encounter was that the does brought their fawns out of hiding as well.
Does often leave their fawns in long grass or between logs while they forage for food. They return several times each day to feed them. Using their tails, ears and other subtle body language, they can communicate with their young to tell them when things appear to be safe.

These fawns are curious and they also approach to see what is going on. They are not yet weaned and have no interest in apples, but they are comfortable following their mother around while she nibbles on some pieces tossed in the grass.

Few things are as peaceful as sitting in woods surrounded by wild deer!

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wild deer investigate man crunchy apple