Proposal Prank With An Unexpected Ending

Published August 21, 2017 909 Plays $2.18 earned

Rumble Occurred on August 10, 2017 / Hollywood, California, USA

A boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend through a prank interview, but the girlfriend turns the tables on him and proposes to him instead.

This video shows us what happens when a ridiculously elaborate proposal prank goes completely off the rails — and then gets back on the rails and has a happy ending anyway.

A boyfriend tricks his girlfriend into thinking she has a job interview. He hires an actor to go through the interview, then dresses up in an unconvincing burqa in order to make his girlfriend think that he’s a Muslim woman. The girlfriend then has to to draw pictures of her burqa-clad lover.

After the actor informs her that she isn’t right for the job, her boyfriend reveals himself and pops the question. But he doesn’t get the answer he’s hoping for, and she appears to reject him. The boyfriend is briefly dumbfounded, but then, his girlfriend pulls out a ring of her own and asks him to marry her! The prankster became the pranked. Hilarious!

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