Dubiety 004 (Hairitage/Hekler/Funtcase) [Dubstep]

9 months ago

Episode 4 features tracks from Hairitage, Hekler, Funtcase, and many more. Welcome to the Dubstep society, an exhilarating neck-breaking experience once a month!

Dubiety is hosted by Shawn-Douglas Delport, also known as MVRIK.

► Stream on a different platform: https://themurraybrand.co.za/db004

► Tracklist: https://themurraybrand.co.za/tl/db004

► Dubstep for dummies:
Dubstep is a genre of electronic music known for its heavy basslines and intense rhythms. It originated in the UK and gained popularity in the early 2000s. Dubstep is characterized by wobbly and aggressive sounds, often with sparse melodies, creating a unique and energetic musical experience.

► Connect w/ The Murray Brand: https://themurraybrand.co.za

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