Guy feeding large Iguana not as brave as he thought he was

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: August 20, 2017Updated: August 21, 201747 views
Published: August 20, 2017Updated: August 21, 2017

This little town just an hour North of Puerto Vallarta,Mexico, called Sayulita, is pretty much a surfer type town. Fairly secluded, with gorgeous beaches and crystal clear waters, it attracts many tourists. Both for beach activities and shopping.
Of course being that Brent isn't the shopper type, he is always looking for local wildlife to check out.
Finding this tree full of Iguana, he figured "why not see if one of them would like this tasty flower?"
So after picking a close by flower, one large creature definitely was interested.
As you can see , Brent was a little reluctant staying perfectly still waiting for Mr. Big to take the flower from his hand.
Brent wife, as you can hear, tells him to be careful , but of course he knows best.
After a few twitchy offerings , the Iguana was able to get a bite, both of the flower and the tip of Brents finger.
No blood was shed and no animals were injured in the recording of this video.
Brent wasn't as brave as he thought he was . ;-)
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