Moose Lodge - Meet Your 2023 Political Candidates _ part 1

7 months ago

We The People of Northwest Louisiana (WTP_NWLA) presented a public Town Hall Meet your 2023 Political Candidates and an Interactive Demonstration of hand counting paper ballots on Saturday September 2023 at The Moose Lodge # 2239 on Industrial Drive in Shreveport, LA. WTP_NWLA would like to express our sincere gratitude to The Moose Lodge and Mr. Rudy Helm for allowing us to us the facility to present this town hall.

Candidates for Louisiana Senate Districts 38 and 39, Caddo Parish Commission District 12, Caddo Parish Sheriff, and Caddo Parish Juvenile Judge were invited to speak. Due to scheduling conflicts the candidates for Louisiana Senate District 39 and one of the Caddo Commission District 12 candidates were unable to attend. We were pleased that one of the candidates for Caddo Parish Commission District 10 agreed to fill in at the last minute.

This will be a multi-segment presentation. The candidates will be featured in segments specific to their race. The Interactive Demonstration and question and answers related to this process will be featured in another segment. The audience general question and answer session with the candidates will be the final segment.
This segment features the candidates for Caddo Commission District 12 David Cox and Commission District 10 Quinton Aught. More information about the candidates is available at their social media sites

Candidate Cox is available at:

Candidate Aught is available at:

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