Four-Year-Old Girl Explains How Babies Are Made

Published August 18, 2017 226,243 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt is bath time - the time of the day when children are extremely tired because of their constant games and unstoppable pacing around their homes, parks, playground and the many places where they have exhibited their energetic nature. And when it is time to send off the day and embrace the next, children sometimes say some of the most memorable funny things that turn into jokes for which they will be definitely poked and teased about later on in their lives.

If you listen to JoJo, one of those little girls who has a larger-than-life personality, explaining one very complicated biological curiosity you will know what we are talking about. Be ready to be left with your mouths open. Her testimony will surely help you understand why she doesn’t want to have any babies herself.

While enjoying an apple almost the size of her head, her father asks her where babies come from. She is not too shy to give him her honest answer.
“I have a question,” JoJo’s father announces while aiming the camera at her. She holds her index finger up as if to say, “One second please,” as she finishes chewing on her apple. “Tell me how babies are made,” Jason says.

For a moment, JoJo puts on her thinking face and stares up toward the ceiling.
Then she replies, “I’m not going to tell you about that because I’m not going to have a baby.” “I thought you were going to have a lot of babies,” her dad says in disbelief. She shakes her head at him and bites into her apple again. “Do you know how they’re made?” JoJo perks up. “Yes, they’re in your tummy and then, them get pushed out from here,” she says, pointing below her stomach to clarify.
“Really? You think that hurts?” Jason asks. JoJo nods. “You know how I know that them get pushed out from there? Because I watched a movie and the girl had her baby and the baby got pushed out from here!” “Whoa, really?!” her dad laughs. He then asks her about having her own kids one day, but she refuses, knowing the real deal about childbirth.

To see JoJo’s adorable conversation with her dad, check out the video.


  • AMasood, 1 year ago

    I am extremely sorry if i sound bad. Is this a good parenting? letting her eat in the wash room.Asking her inappropriate question for her age. She is too young to see or know about the details of a child birth. Is there no a parental control over what she watches ? .She could be sacred for the rest of her life to have a child.

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    • debdeb, 1 year ago

      I was thinking the same thing. Her parents must just plop her in front of a TV and not care what she's watching. Obviously what she watched already has her not wanting to have babies which is something no little girl should be thinking about or knowing about. VERY bad parenting!!

      2 rumbles
  • GGROTAN, 1 year ago

    she is so adorable!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • JeannineMarie, 1 year ago

    Eating in the bathroom is bad enough. Watching child birth at her is is wrong. She said she is not having one of her own, probably because she saw that before she was ready to understand.

    1 rumble