Sensory Processing Disorder Activity: Stringing Coiled Hose

6 years ago

Children and adults with autism, sensory processing disorder and other developmental disabilities often seek out sensory stimulation to the eyes, muscles and joints. This unique stringing adaptation provides exactly this type of stimulation and its FUN!
Simply take a coil type water hose and cut it to the desired length. Attach a sock or something to the bottom so that the user can stand on it, preventing the bottom from popping upward.
This activity is great for developing balance, visual engagement and bilateral hand use (using hands together).
Use rings that attach shower curtains, arts and crafts rings or cut your own out of plastic bottles.
My clients love the sensation of pulling the coil upward and watching the rings spin downward. Learn more about adapting activities on my web site and thank-you to Ben at for the lively music.

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