Owner Surprises His Two Dogs By Hiding In A Giant Box

Published August 18, 2017 144,480 Plays $730.54 earned

Rumble It’s no secret that dogs actually feel love, affection and companionship. No matter how long they spend away from their owners, they won’t ever forget them, even if the owners tried to play a little prank and hide in a giant cardboard box! This video shows how a cute little stubby legged Dachshund and a Siberian Husky open an investigation to find out what lays hidden inside that box!

The owners of a fine Siberian Husky named Nora and a small Dachshund called Oscar are preparing a surprise for the two jolly fellows. They have brought a large cardboard box, big enough to fit a man, and placed it in the kitchen. Also, they placed the male owner inside as well! At first, when the dogs enter the house they don’t notice the box. Then, little Oscar saw the box and, being the fearless leader he is, despite his minute size and the stubby little legs, he was first to try figure out what hides inside. But size does matter, so his bigger sister, Nora, had to do it for him. The investigative husky saw through the hole and then made it bigger so she could enter the box. After her, with a little help, Oscar got into the box too.

The lady owner said: "We had a giant box and I decided to surprise the dogs from inside it. When they found out I was in the box they got so excited!” The dogs didn't have a clue what’s inside, so naturally they were curious to find out!