Adorable Doggy Shamelessly Seeks For Attention

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Published: August 16, 2017

As they say, dogs are man's best friend. Their loyalty, love and companionship is unlimited. Dog owners usually tend to have trouble with their new puppy at first with getting it potty trained, and possibly teaching it not to bark every time the door bell rings or even late at night for no reason. But aside these hiccups, dogs are truly fun and loving. Sometimes to the extent where they might need "too much" love.

As you can see this particular doggy has woken up feeling very vulnerable this morning. As usual her owners are busy with their every day routine while she is stuck feeling lonely and left out. The fact that her owner is focusing all his energy and attention on his homework is deeply concerning her. She is worried that she is no longer loved and that she will be soon completely left out. So, she decides this is where she needs to step in and change the situation.

She quickly runs up to the couch where her owner is sitting, and slowly and very gently pokes her head between his arm and the keyboard and starts making the "take pity on me face" which obviously works on her owner as she has done it several times before. Now that her owner realizes what her intentions are he starts giving her a couple of strokes through the ears and moves on back to doing his homework. But soon realizes that only little is not gonna cut it. So, he is forced to completely abandon his work and go full time petting her.

Ether way, how could you just ignore that face?!

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