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Filmed September 20th, 2023 (Wed.): GOOD NEWS FRIDAY with our good friend Lawrence Lantz is a hit ... and it's BACK today for another installment of "REAL" (as opposed to "Fake") News Media from the grassroots front!!! Catch this grassroots summary of what is happening on the national political front as we go into the 2024 primary & election season.

We normally focus on local and state issues here at ... a bottom up approach where YOU can really make a difference ... but Lawrence gives us a "REAL" National News perspective of what is happening across America on the political front.

This weeks theme ... "MAGA is looking very BUFF"!!!

News Summary:

1) The BIG Push of Conservative Media
2) #1 Book: Mark Levin - The Democrat Party Hates America
3) Breaking Biden ... October 3rd, 2023
4) Police State - Dinesh D'Souza
5) Tucker interview: Argentina's Presidential Candidate
6) Ukrainian Hit List ... of AMERICANS?
7) TRUMP on FIRE at Rallies
8) Oil & Gas Workers Association endorse TRUMP
9) TRUMP on Abortion - the Strategy
10) Winning in the POLLS!!!
11) Lara Trump - I Won't Back Down
12) US House Comm. - Bans Central Bank Digital Currency
13) Biden Office of Gun Control?!?!
14) 2020 Voting Fraud top of mind
15) Reflections from Dr. Fauci - Boooooo!!!
16) More on J6 ... "They set us the ___ up!"
17) AG Garland Testimony
18) Biden Impeachment Inquiry
19) Tom Fitton - Strongest Evidence Ever
20) Biden losing it more & more
21) Washington Post & NY Times
22) Newsome on Biden old age: "I want a seasoned pro"
23) Kamala Harris - can not be replaced
24) TRUMP aggressively courting Moderates, Indep & Swing voters
25) UAW Strike ... A GIFT!!!
26) TRUMP skips debate ... goes to DETROIT!!!
27) Elon Musk on the ADL - All-In Summit
28) Biden hosting Zelenskyy
29) Zelenskyy concern - Climate Policy?!?!?
30) NO to more Ukraine Funding!!!
31) Maui Fires ... OMG Undercover - no photography?
32) O'Keefe Suing Hawaii Governor over 1st Amendment
33) Victory in TEXAS with Ken Paxton NOT guilty (Bush problem)
34) Truth Social Update ... 1 million + new members
35) Latino American's for TRUMP
36) BUD LIGHT ... still losing!!!
37) Hollywood Writers strike on Day 141
38) Praise goes to The Lord!!!

It's All Good News!!!

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