Million Mamma Bear March In Ottawa: Canadians Take To The Streets To Protest LGBT Tranny Groomers

2 months ago

People of all faiths are uniting against the pedophiles in Canada.
Laure-Lynn Tyler Thompson is here to talk about the million man march that took place in Ottawa this week.
This is a war for our children.
Justin Trudeau defiantly tweeted that he stands with the child groomers and pedophiles.
Schools in Canada have allowed sex books for kids to corrupt the minds of little ones.
They are propagandizing children in schools to think about sex constantly.
Parents in Canada are now rising up.
Justin Trudeau has allowed immigrants to make Canada multicultural.
Ironically, all of these different people groups are rejecting the Godless trans sex religion being forced on their children.
Canadian Bill C4 is an atrocity against the people.
It would make it a criminal offense if someone tells a child they should not go through gender transition.
This bill would jail parents if you will not allow your child to be sexually mutilated.
This is very similar to Daniel chapter 3 when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow down to the false idol.
It’s time to fight back against this tyranny.
Families are being destroyed because of the Trans ideology.
We must protect our children at all costs.
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