Two Great White Sharks Circle Boat With Cage Divers

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Published: August 15, 2017

In case you didn’t know, diving with sharks is a thing now more than ever! Formerly an exotic and extreme sport, today diving with sharks is meant to raise the awareness about these marvelous beasts of the deep and their preservation status.

Cage divers have a particular fondness for the locations around South Africa, specifically Cape Town and Gansbaai. On one such dive on September 8, 2009, one boat carrying some divers got a very interesting encounter.

"I was filming on the shark cage diving vessel and we were entertained by this 3-meter shark circling the boat until this 5-meter female shark came by and slaps him." said the owner of the company that organized this particular tour.

Gansbaai is the capital of Great White Sharks in the world with a population estimated of around 1,500 sharks. The sharks move constantly up and down the coastline and some travel very far up to Mozambique and Madagascar. Some travel extreme distances but it is clearly evident that the majority of the time most of the Great White Sharks swim in the waters around Gansbaai.

The reason why so many Great White Sharks are around Gansbaai is due to the abundance of energy rich food in Shark Alley, a small channel of water passing between Geyser Rock and Dyer Island. Geyser rock is home to 60,000 a huge colony of Cape fur seals and the majority of the seals choose to stay on the lee of the Island away from the open sea in the sheltered waters between the Islands. (source:

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