Mother Sea Otter Silences Squeaky Baby

connieleephotoart Published August 15, 2017 51,037 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA group of tourists saw a family of otters as they were lounging in the water with their young. Otter pups are babies just like any other, so they are allowed to get fussy and loud. When ever something is not to their liking, they will squeak and whine until it is resolved. Sound familiar?

According to the filmer, one of of the otter pups was extremely loud and fussy, more than all the other young. As the baby was floating with its mother, it was climbing all over her and squeaking in her ears. The mom was trying to groom the baby, but we guess it would rather play that get cleaned up.

Mothers love their children to infinity and beyond, but even their patience has it’s limits. It seems that when the female noticed the humans recording, she grabbed the baby and put her paw on its mouth to stop it from acting out and embarrass her in front of these good people!

We can even imagine the conversation they were having, in otter language: “Hold still Johnny” - “But mom, I wanna play” - “Your fur is full of muck” - “I don’t care, let me go” - “Be quiet Johnny, we have visitors. Don’t embarrass me.”

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