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DIMSITVPublished: August 15, 2017
Published: August 15, 2017

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Carved handmade candles made of paraffin. Such candles are painted and layered with food dyes and covered with varnish!
The candle catalog is located at
In addition to the standard patterns and decor, we can make a unique candle especially for you!
When burning candles are not "cracked" and do not emit any toxic substances. The height of the candles is 10, 17, 22 cm.
If you still decided to purchase these candles as a gift to yourself or your relatives, then such candles already go in a gift box and you do not need to think about its design.
You can order from our organization not only candles, but also equipment for the production of carved candles handmade. In addition to the equipment on our website there are all consumables: candle lacquer, food colorings, waxes, paraffin, stearin, etc.
All materials and prices for them you can find on our website:
Telephone hotline: Commercial Director 8-912-327-27-27 - Nelly Yulievna Bubenkova
Address: Chelyabinsk city. Dovatora, d. 21a, socle

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