Gorilla Humorously Slides Backwards Downhill

Published August 15, 2017 150,657 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeFrom the time that the internet has been around, animal videos have dominated it! There is something about animals that we as people find very fascinating a very funny! Maybe it is because the animals do not realize what they are doing most of the time, that we find so funny! This video is no exception to that also, as this gorilla will surely make you laugh with it's routine!

The hilarious gorilla is sliding backwards downhill... well, it's more of a 'creeping' downhill. The mom is very protective of the gorilla's baby brother, so the gorilla has to take different approaches to get to him without mom moving between the two, as she only lets him play with his brother when he isn't aggressive in his approach. In the end it's well worth it, as he has some quality time with his brother!

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