Can you view eclipse on your smartphone?

WCPOPublished: August 14, 201752 views
Published: August 14, 2017

Cincinnati Observatory Director Dean Regas says he is is hearing from many people who plan to record the eclipse on their smartphone, perhaps to post on Facebook. But experts say pointing your phone at the sun for several minutes might not be the best idea. "If you have your camera phone pointed at the sun for long periods of time, it could damage the electronics inside of it," Regas said. NASA says it's OK to snap a few quick photos of the eclipse. Apple has said there is no issue taking photos of the sun with iPhones. But if you are shooting the sun for more than a few seconds, NASA suggests placing a darkening filter or eclipse glasses over your phone's camera to prevent any possible sun "burn in," that could leave a white dot on future photos. "Hold that filter in front of the camera," Regas said, "and that will help out a lot."

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