Ian Clarke Explains the Next Generation of Freenet

9 months ago

The centralization of the internet poses a fundamental threat to individual freedom. In 2023, a few corporations control most internet services and infrastructure, wielding immense power with little accountability. This threatens democracy, as these corporations can censor content, exploit our data, and exclude users from essential services. In this talk, Ian Clarke, founder and architect of Freenet, discusses how to build decentralized apps on the new Freenet platform.


00:00 History of the Internet
02:23 Why Decentralize the Internet
09:19 What is Freenet?
10:39 Contracts and State
13:55 Searching in a Small World
16:53 Anatomy of a Decentralized App
19:46 Contract Interface Types
22:05 Contract Interface Functions
25:56 Global Consistency: Order-Independent State Merging
28:56 Delegates
31:56 Case Study: Messaging
38:07 What Else Can Be Built on Freenet?
40:55 Current Status
42:19 Q&A

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