Stubborn Bulldog Refuses To Let Owner Use The Lint Roller

Published August 14, 2017 21,361 Views $25.47 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you have a pet at home, one that loves being handled, picked up, petted, places in your bed to sleep on your pillow and probably on the sofa as well, then chances are you have a lint roller at home. Or a dozen. You also probably use it any time you change, or want to take a sit on your own furniture, or even catch a glimpse of a follicle on any given surface. They are a lifesaver, but they might also be your pet’s greatest enemy!

Reuben here, for example, hates how his owner uses the lint roller on his work pants. How dare he take away all of Reuben’s hard work? The Bulldog has worked so damn hard, trying to rub himself in all directions, so that his hair will get nice and stuck into the fabric. If you take into account Reuben’s breed and disposition, then you will know that this is important to him. He will not rub himself off just about anyone!

Not only is it hard to take off every single spiky hair off the pants, but Reuben gives the chore an added flair, jumping at the lint roller to bite it right off his owner’s hand! Let it go, human, this is how they are supposed to look like!

Then again, this might just be the Bulldog’s way of telling his owner he should be more active in the mornings. While he works out his right arm with the lint roller, he tries to push off the needy dog with his left and then vice versa. It is a pretty solid idea when you think about it.

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