The COVERUP Of The TRUTH About The Million Person March In Canada

2 months ago

This should have been released yesterday. THIS is what CBC, CTV, Global News and all of the other fraud medias don't want you to know, under the direction of the highly corrupted NDP/Libs and Marxist infiltrated unions and schools. Ottawa had around 15,000 parents. CBC reported "over 1,000" and proceeded to point their cameras towards parliament instead of the march while stating this. The fakestream medias will be revealed by the plethora of videos being shared worldwide. 85% of the towns & cities had substantially more parents than the failed union orchestrated attempt to take down the truth. Vancouver was the only major city that had an equal amount as per 2 separate sources. When I say 85% were a success for parents then yes...that means about 15% of the small towns were outnumbered, and it was ONLY those that the fraud stream news reported on KNOWINGLY covering up the larger truth.

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