German Shepherd Patiently Waits By The Door To Go Outside

pomsunshinePublished: August 14, 201720,670 views
Published: August 14, 2017

Apollo the German Shepherd knows the routine. If he wants to play outside, he has to sit calmly at the door. However, it is way too hot to go out mid-day during a Texas summer. It doesn't seem like Apollo cares, he sits at the door patiently, waiting for his owners magic words, telling him he can go outside. It doesn't look like his owner is going to let him out anytime soon, he doesn't want Apollo to get a heat stroke, that would make him one very unhappy dog. Even his doggy friend tries to tell him its too hot! Apollo still doesn't budge, he wants to go outside so badly! I guess he is going to learn the hard way!

German Shepherds are very friendly dogs and are always ready to have a good time. It is hard to be bored when you have a German Shepherd, all they want to do is play with you. They always like to share their love and are excited to do something new with you every day, awesome! They are also one of America's most popular dog breeds and are very intelligent and capable dogs. What an awesome companion!

Check out this video of Apollo the German Shepherd trying to go outside in mid-day Texas summer!

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