The Strange "Pancakes From Space" Eagle River UFO Encounter-April 18, 1961

FactWarehousePublished: August 13, 2017Updated: August 14, 201788 views
Published: August 13, 2017Updated: August 14, 2017

On April 18, 1961 At 11:00 AM, Joe Simonton 61, Was Sitting At Home When He Heard A Loud Noise Outside. He Went Outside To Look And Saw A Strange "Silvery Alien Craft" Landing On His Property. A Hatch Opened And A Dark-Skinned, Italian Looking Man About 5' Tall, 125 Lbs Well Shaven looking Wanted Some Water. He Never Spoke A Word. Two Other Men Were Inside The Craft. One Was Cooking What Looked Like "Pancakes" On A "Griddle Device". Joe Got The Water, And The Alien Thanked Him. The Craft Lifted Up about 20' Off The Ground At A 45 Degree Angle And Took Off. The Wake From The Craft Shook The Pine Trees Violently In The Distance. The Craft Was Gone In 2 Seconds.

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