Decoding The Russell Brand Rape Allegations (9-20-23)

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01:00 Russell Brand: The latest on sexual assault allegations against the comedian,
05:00 Atlantic: Russell Brand Wasn't an Anomaly,
16:00 The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire
19:00 Russell Brand on Decoding the Gurus from Nov. 21, 2020,
53:00 Elliott Blatt joins
53:30 My top blog posts,
54:20 Sam Vaknin on narcissism,
1:13:00 Richard Spencer's philosemitic turn
1:20:00 Underearners often become criminals
A Less Religious America Is a More Polarized America,
Your Hero System Is Your Morality And You Get It From Your Tribe,
Is blogging destroying journalism?
How Livestreaming Made Me A Better Man,
Why Do Some People End Their Sentences In 'Yeah'?,
Cruel optimism,
A Fan’s Life: The Agony of Victory and the Thrill of Defeat by Paul Campos,
The Republican Brain,
Decoding politics,–right_political_spectrum
Dennis Prager Falls Into The Conspiracy Rabbit Hole,
The Confluence of the Gurosphere,
United States of A-Merit-A,
Trump stokes anger and fury, stoking anger and fury?
A Chat with Nathan Cofnas,
Ganesh on DeSantis,
FT: The vibes theory of politics, Our ‘beliefs’ are often just unexamined tribal loyalties,
Decoding Dennis Prager,
John J. Mearsheimer on Ukraine,
Is Gossip Good?
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