Kansas City High School Crowns Man As Homecoming Queen: Trans Movement Brainwashing Young Girls

2 months ago

A tranny freak dressed in “woman face” has just been crowned homecoming queen.
Mother and health coach Gina Bontempo is here to talk about the massive psychological operation being aimed at young girls.
Young women are being brainwashed to believe men can become women.
They are also accepting this lie so they can fit in and avoid being unpopular.
Women are much more vulnerable to social pressure and can be easily made to believe lies.
These young women are playing along with this charade.
Women are enabling this madness by participating in sports and contests where men are allowed to compete.
This is about normalizing the perversion of men and infiltrating female spaces.
It’s not going to stop until men stand up and put a stop to this degeneracy.
We are raising a generation of people who are mentally insane and spiritually sick.
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