Toddler And Kitten Sing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

Published August 11, 2017 39,078 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsViolet, a toddler that went viral for her dramatic rendition of the ABC's and appeared on Ellen, is singing the classic "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Take a look at this cutie sing her heart out while holding her kitten! Too cute!

This precious toddler may be small but she has an amazing singing voice. Just listen as she sings 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' to her beloved kitty.

You can tell that this tot has so much passion and confidence in her voice! There's no doubt that God surely gave her an amazing talent for singing and she's spreading that beautiful voice with the world.

From the look on her face, the kitty really enjoys the music just as much as we do. What an amazing performance from this sweet little child. Videos like these always have a way of making you feel better and warm your heart, don't you agree?