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BarcroftTVPublished: August 11, 201741 views
Published: August 11, 2017

A teenager in India has three of five fingers on both hands grown unusually large for a human. 12-year-old Tarik from Uttar Pradesh in India is facing scrutiny from his surrounding because of the way his hands have swollen in size.

His hands have been unusually big since early age, but as he grew older, his fingers would grow even bigger. Now, his hands have grown to a staggering 12 inches.

Tarik lives with his brother, aunt and uncle. His late father used to take him to see doctors from an early age, but every specialist that has seen him told the father that they should see someone on a higher level in medicine. Now, the boy is left without being able to get any sort of treatment.

The locals are afraid of the unfortunate boy, thinking he might be cursed by the Devil himself. Tarik can’t even go to school, because the institutions have denied him admission. He doesn’t even have any friends, other than his brother.

His family is too poor to pay for specialists to find a cure for him. The one doctor that has agreed to examine the boy says that this is the first case like this that he has seen and speculates that it might be similar to the Elephant Foot Disease.

Videographer / director: Rare Shot
Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote
Editor: James Thorne

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