Go Beyond Instagram: Here's How To Get Started As A Travel Photographer

Published August 10, 2017 3,270 Plays $15.81 earned

Rumble With the rise of social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, more and more people are getting into photography, and most of us take pictures on a daily basis. The stereotype of millennials taking photos of their food instead of just, you know, eating it, may be true to an extent, but our obsession with documenting the minutia of our lives isn’t limited to one generation - it is becoming a part of our culture.

And that’s not a bad thing!

Artistic expression has long been foundational to who we are as humans, all the way back to the days of cave paintings, and artistic style is one of the important ways that we explore historical culture and understand the people who came before us. In today’s society, as in past societies, artistic expression is a cornerstone of our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not.

Historically, photography has been a hobby limited to the wealthy. Film was expensive, cameras were pricey, and lenses cost an arm and a leg! Not to mention, travel around the world was costly, dangerous, and slow. Getting to exotic and beautiful travel locations was excessively difficult, to say the least. For the average Joe, becoming a photographer was out of the question.

Those days are over!

We don’t use film anymore. Cameras are exceptionally affordable, and infinitely better than the old models. And travel isn’t only for the wealthy. Airline tickets today are usually affordable, and hundreds of websites exist to help aspiring travelers find the cheapest flights available, the best accommodations when they get there, and the most fun activities so we don’t miss a thing on our trips.

At this point, the most intimidating part of becoming a photographer is simply knowing how to start. Which camera is the best choice for the money? Which lenses do what? And where do we go to get the best, most effortlessly beautiful photos? Those are questions to ask the professionals.

So, we asked them.

What they told us might seem obvious, but it’s worth pointing out: nobody is born good at photography. It takes work and dedication. And, as they say, practice makes perfect. The pros all say, the best way to become a skilled photographer is to just get out there and shoot.

Equipment is also important, of course, but don’t make the rookie mistake of investing too much money in a camera. The real value for a photographer is in the lenses. Good, high-quality lenses can make a good photo into a great one. Again, however, the real value is in what’s behind that lens - even the best camera can’t fix a know-nothing photographer, and even the worst camera can take a gorgeous photo with the right person behind it.

For those who are ready to take it a step further, there’s a whole world out there of photography-related careers and activities. And for the aspiring world traveler, photography is a perfect companion hobby.

Realistically, this is the best time ever to be a travel photographer.

Ready to get started? Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a world-class travel photographer.