Middletown Police chief says Yahoo News report on heroin crisis ignores city's successes

WCPOPublished: August 10, 2017
Published: August 10, 2017

Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw took to Facebook Wednesday night to strike back at a Yahoo News special report claiming the Butler County city is under siege. “Everyone I know is on heroin” reads the article’s headline, a claim Muterspaw called negative, brash and misleading. “If you read the headline, you would think every morning, all of Middletown wakes up, grabs a needle, shoots up, walks outside and falls back asleep in a drug induced coma on the sidewalk,” Muterspaw wrote on the Middletown Division of Police Facebook page. “When the cold hard fact is most of our 48,000 citizens or so, 47,000 of them are not overdosing, not addicts and not involved in the game.”

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