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2 months ago

Moms on a Mission Podcast welcomes Mike Lindell from My Pillow to discuss the vicious attacks from the radical Left made to silence him and really all Americans from speaking the truth as it relates to election integrity. Mike shares two important dates in history, January 7th and 8th, 2021, which were the days that 1.2 million Americans, and people from around the world, were deplatformed in an attempt to silence our voices forever. He explains that it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican because people are pouring into a new bucket of common sense. He says that people are waking up to the lies and that God has given him a voice for such a time as this. When asked why he didn’t sail off into the sunset, retire, and enjoy life, he said we have to save our country. He believes that if anyone received the data that he did, that they would stand up. He states that everything comes from our elections and we have to get our elections fixed because all the devastation we are seeing in our country is a manifestation from a stolen election. Fifty one elections have been stolen due to computers with Brazil being the most recent country. There is a plan and it can be seen at www.Lindelloffensefund.org.
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