Here's How To Reap The Benefits Of A Perfect Vacation

Published August 9, 2017 7,055 Views

Rumble Who doesn’t love a good vacation? We all need that little downtime, a time to relax and forget about the daily grind, even if it for just a tiny little while. But even though it is a vacation, it doesn’t mean that we can just wing it, because that way we won’t reap the benefits. So Dr. Partha Nandi is here to give us the scoop on how to take the perfect vacation.

Dr. Nandi says that one of the problems with vacation time is that few of us are taking our allotted time off and he even includes himself on that list. Researchers have found out that, over a timespan of 50 years, many Americans have lost a full week of vacation! “On top of that, 60% kept working while on vacation,” he adds.

Have you ever wondered how time off benefits our health? Dr. Nandi says that time off is very important, especially for our mental health. “It puts you in a new frame of mind, allows you to destress, even boost your mood. It can refuel motivation to achieve those goals and up your productivity upon returning to work.

“In fact, one study has found that 94% of over 400 travelers surveyed said that they had as much or more energy upon returning home from an enjoyable trip, while 55% reported they had higher energy levels that before.”

Still, if you take your work on vacation with you, you will end up with a stressful vacation and will forego all these benefits.

Here’s how to plan the perfect vacation. Plan ahead, at least one month. Make sure to put at least one memorable activity on your itinerary. Manage your expectations and don’t forget to set up an out-of-office message, to notify recipients that you are away and not planning on interrupting your downtime.