Baby goat walks on hind legs for tender young leaves

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Published: August 8, 2017Updated: August 9, 2017

Violet is a baby Lamanche goat. They have short ears, long legs and personalities that make them more like puppies than farm animals. Violet is only a few months old and she is exploring and discovering new things every day at Hamish's farm in Keene, Ontario.

Violet was bottle fed as a new baby and she has just recently discovered how tasty fresh, green leaves are. She has also discovered how to walk on her hind legs and how to use the fence for balance to get at newly sprouted leaves that are beyond reach. Violet finds a tasty snack within her grasp and she devours it like it is candy.

Hamish's farm is a unique place where the animals are loved like pets and they all have personalities that truly make them one of the family. Hamish and his mother, Gertrud run the farm but they experienced a tragic fire in November 2016. The house and barn burned to the ground one cold night. They were able to rescue the animals and they have maintained the care of them while they rebuild. The house is now finished and the barn is under way.

Meanwhile, Violet and the other animals thrive and grow as if nothing was wrong. Hamish and Gertrud are a perfect example of perseverance and a positive outlook! Violet is a perfect example of determination as she also shows that she can overcome the obstacles that arise.

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violet baby goat stands on hind legs for leaves