We Can NEVER Compromise on Life | Guests: Bob Vander Plaats & Jason Johnson | 9/18/23

2 months ago

Steve discusses Donald Trump's comments about abortion over the weekend and says they make no sense morally or politically. Bob Vander Plaats from the Family Leader joins the show to discuss how Trump's abortion comments are another example of his transactional leadership style. In Hour Two, it's Ask Deace Anything, featuring questions from Steve's audience on Facebook. Finally, Jason Johnson from the Ron DeSantis campaign joins the program to talk about the state of the GOP primary.

Steve Deace barely made it out of community college in one piece, and then loosely attended a real college for a while. The Steve Deace Show serves up principled conservatism with a snarky twist every weekday from 12-2 PM ET on BlazeTV.

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